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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


....AGAIN?....don't I mumble ALL the time?? I can hear y'all grumbling about my mumbling again.

However, to be fair, you ought to check this out. Chrysti of 'Art By Chrysti' ( ) is doing 29 days of giveaways and there's already been some pretty nice stuff. All you have to do is answer her question(s) of the day to be entered. Reading the answers she is getting is great fun! NOTE: I just checked the link to Chrysti and it seems to go directly to wordpress. If it doesn't work for you try typing the addy in, or barring that Google 'Art By Chrysti' and you can find it that way.

And....I want to announce that FredaB has a new blog and it would be nice if we all welcomed her to blogland (she's incredibly talented). So.... is the place to go.

Also...I have written down that is a place worth visiting. Can't for the life of me remember why, but obviously I must have liked it! UPDATED: it's a knitting site ith a free on-line magazine.

Anybody looking for scrap quilt patterns might want to check out and see what they have.

Today I finished two top-secret projects, one of which will be heading out in the mail tomorrow. Of course, being the ninny I am, I forgot to take a picture before I boxed it up. The other is a present for one of my kids and, because they read my blog occasionally, I don't dare show it.


  1. good for you finishing two projects! I'm impressed... and still time to hunt around for some interesting new spots on line... :-)

  2. Beautiful MA, your link to Chrysti is mis-spelled. it should be:


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