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Monday, December 08, 2008

Another project done

A few people will be receiving these this Christmas. They were fun to make while I was sitting in front of the tv at night. The pattern came from


  1. what a great project! they are very effective and will be enjoyed by the recipients I'm sure :-)

  2. OOOOOOOO they are gorgeous!!!

  3. Beautiful MA you have so many hidden talents don't you.

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Got a pink one for my it...use it all the time!!
    Mrs Noofy

  5. im going to sound like a complete nong - but what are they - i mean i know they are booksmarks, and they are very pretty too - but is it crochet or tatting or ...?

    I think like(the puncuation challenged) Doreen I am going to call you Beautiful MA now too.


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