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Monday, December 29, 2008

Cyclone or woMAN made??

But, but... I want to CREATE, not clean!!!!!!!!!!

Please note, there are only three pictures here. You REALLY don't want to see the rest of it!!!
Christmas at this house was wonderful. We were surprised when both of our sons were able to come home. We were told that #1 son had to work (which isn't unexpected when you're a chef) so were totally floored when he walked in the door. Family, friends, and good food. What more could anyone want?


  1. The housework/artwork conflict! I know that so well.
    Sons walking in through the door? That one too. Wonderful!

  2. So pleased some one elses workroom looks like mine *LOL*
    What a wonderful son giving you a lovely suprise like that.

  3. Oh my gosh - I know this mess!!! I have this same mess!!! Glad I'm not the only slob who works better in chaos in the world. Oh, I totally need to do this on my blog also - maybe someone will sign me up for one of those shows for a room makeover (but they CANNOT make me throw anything away!) Oh what a packrat I am!

    Thanks for listing my genea-blog on your site and thanks for stopping by!


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