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Monday, December 15, 2008

Now I'm making garbage bags??????

Yep, you know you've lost what's left of your mind when you start making garbage bags!! However, in my defense...this is for putting in the car. For some reason manufacturers don't seem to think we create garbage while in the automobile, and then they wonder why people just roll down the window and toss it out?? DUH!!! The bag solves the problem and therefore I think it's a good idea (even tho' the friend I'm giving this to might just think I'm looney). The strap simply slips over the headrest and hangs on the back of your seat. Line it with a plastic bag (which is held in place by 4 bulldog clips, which I'm including with the gift) and you're good to go. Best of all, it's washable.


Joyce said...

That's a great idea. Maybe I'll have to make one for our car after Christmas.

Doreen G said...

How smart are you to think of that----very smart I would say

dogonart said...

Great idea. A really useful gift.