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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crock, Crockette, and Stupidity

Let it never be said that this family suffers from an over-abundance of brilliance. Last week Jack came down with a cold and then proceeded to blow snow out of six the pouring rain. Of course he got soaked - to the skin. He (being of the dimmer light bulb sort) was trying to time it so that the snow would have stopped and before the rain started. Of course that wasn't the case. he has bronchitis and has taken up permanent residence in his easy chair, unable to move without a horrible cough...which in turn seems to have cracked at least one of his ribs. Nice.

So...last night it snowed....again, leaving a nice few inches of the dratted fluffy stuff in our driveway. He's in no fit state to deal with it, so out I went. This was the dim light bulb moment for me. You guessed it...shovel and I connected (despite my best efforts to the contrary) with a piece of ice and did in my back (which is tricky anyway). So now there's TWO of us parked in our respective chairs. Yep...there's a huge amount of brilliance running rampant around here!!

Picture today is of another of the recycled denim totes I make, which someone will be getting for Christmas this year.


  1. Well what a pair you two turned out to be.
    I would come and look after you both but you seem to be jinxed and I can't afford to have anything happen to me.
    And I am sure as hell not going to shift any snow either.

  2. Hope you both feel better by Christmas.

  3. Ma and Pa Richardson rockin' by the fire.....i'd volunteer but i had to dig MIL's car out so she could get it out of the way so i could shovel her parking spot---does that make sense? (My back doesn't think so either...)

  4. If only I'd known. I spent practically the whole afternoon at the Honda dealership - they kept saying it wouldn't be long - did I need a ride to the mall. To mne that's like an invitation to hell, so I said No thanks and did a bit of knitting. Had I known I would have come over to your house and plied you with hot tea and sympathy. Hope you're both feeling better soon. BTW, neither of you are stupid - its just the Canadian way ... neither hail nor rain nor stormy blast shall keep you from your appointed task......etc...etc.

  5. :-) maybe the pair of dimbulbs in the same room can shine together to bring light?:-)
    Hope you both recover quickly, and have some good meds in the meantime.


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