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Thursday, March 06, 2008

On to the next 500!

Today's picture is a postcard I just finished up. The 'background' is a tea-dyed Swiffer Cloth (used and washed before dyeing). I also tea-dyed the label (sheer accident that was - it fell in the cup while I was brewing the tea!...fortuitous). The label is stitched on with the machine and then I 'painted' it with a bit of matte gel to protect it. Now to see if the post office will actually deliver it!!


  1. great card! The label is a really clever addition...

  2. very cute! I'm sure they will deliver it...after taking a good look at it. I've heard of post offices where all the employees come to see the card before it is delivered, and of postman taking care to place it on top of the mail in the mail box (mine for example).

  3. so pretty! it should be a card for shithead!


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