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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Enough already!!!

I know it's Sunday and I don't normally post on Sunday, however....this is how much snow fell in the past 24 hours. In one picture you can see the fence that surrounds the dog pen and how much snow is piled outside of it. The dogs think they're in a tunnel when they're out there. Jack, heading out to blow snow, is up to his knees in our back driveway (he's 6'2" so you can get an idea). The other picture is from our front door where the snow is perfectly level from the top step right out to the road. I guess we should be grateful the sun is shining....


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Good Grief! We just have fog today, most of our snow is gone. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

    sus in spokane

  2. That is beautiful AM and you have your very own snowman too.

  3. I grew up in Western Michigan so I well remember what a bummer snow in March is...I feel your pain!
    Just do some stitching with some bright colors and hang on...spring will come to you northerners, too!!!!

  4. haaa maryanne i think we had enough snow too. don,t know where to put it next. piles are getting to high for anymore. we are going to have to think spring yes think it, awww walking in the parks starting to think about our gardens what to plant this year awww isn,t that nice and the sun sure helps but the roads are terrible i wish they would get back to work the city and plow these darn roads and sidewalks ahhh. have a nice day say hi to uncle jack , he looks cute out there in all that snow i know gerrr!


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