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Saturday, March 01, 2008

#498 - 4 Things

My friend Arlee of recently posted a meme which I thought I'd save for a day when I have no pictures to show. goes...


- 4 Jobs I've had in my life: 1) secretary in a high school; 2) secretary for an insurance adjuster; 3) teller in a bank; 4) worked with business accounts and trained tellers, also in a bank

- 4 Movies I'd Watch Over and Over Again: 1) Pretty Woman; 2) Lord of the Rings; 3) the Grinch; 4) more recently, The Bucket List

- 4 Places I've Lived: Oh boy, this one is hard when I consider that I haven't moved too far!! 1) a farm outside of a little tiny town called Seagrave in Ontario; 2) another farm south of an even tinier town called Little Britain; 3) a bungalow in the 'huge' metropolis of Little Britain; 3 houses in a larger town called Lindsay after I was married.

- 4 TV Shows I Watch: 1) CSI - the original one; 2) House; 3) Grey's Anatomy; 4) Antiques Roadshow

- 4 Places I've Been: 1) London & the southern part of England; 2) London and some of Scotland; 3) Toronto; 4) Algonquin Park

- 4 People who Email Me Regularly: 1) Phyllis; 2) Jean; 3) Doreen; 4) Andy

- 4 Of My Favourite Foods: 1) CHOCOLATE!!; 2) lasagna; 3) chicken; 4) potatoes

- 4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: 1) anywhere where it's sunny and warm and without snow; 2) a bookstore, with lots of money in hand; 3) a good craft shop, with lots of money in hand; 4) see #1

- 4 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year: 1) complete the TIF challenge; 2) continue to use up my stash; 3) doing more experimental art; 4) doing lots of reading

- 4 of My Favourite Drinks: 1) ice tea; 2) coffee; 3) water; 4) green tea

- 4 Cars I Have Owned: 1) Chrysler Valiant...which cost $300 and was the best car...ever!; 2) Chevy Nova; 3) Toyota Matrix; 4) Toyota Sienna van

There, now you've read all that, consider yourself tagged!!

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