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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ATC's and Tute

First, Arlee was kind enough to remind me that Kim was the artist that did the CSI garland I pictured yesterday so I am able to give the proper person credit. Thank you.
Today was our monthly CQTeer get-together and our usual exchange of atc's. The picture that shows 3 cards are of the ones I did. The two on theleft of the picture were from downloads I found on the internet...the chickens were from and I think the 'Easter Greetings' background was from Janet Stauffecher (sp?). The one on the right is my own design...sort of.
The other picture shows the ones I received from Sue and Irene. Pretty, aren't they?
If you're interested, here's a mini-tute on how I did the atc. It started with a piece of cork (actually began life as a placemat) cut to atc size. Then I tore pieces of light-weight brown paper bag to size and crumpled them to give them texture. Then I smucked a couple of brownish colours of ink pads over top (don't you love how technical I'm being with this??). The circle was made with a piece of crumbled (and smoothed) aluminum foil that I dry brushed with copper, gold & a bit of black metallic folk art paint. I then glued the foil to some card stock to give it more 'body' and then used a metal punch to make the circles, which are glued onto the card. Simple...and cheap!!

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