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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sorry - still no pictures

One of my next chores has to be putting in the software for my digital camera so I can start showing pictures again. For those of you that like the pictures, please hang in there. I'm getting to it.

After my question I posed on Saturday I have to assume that nobody can think of five things that represent them? Either that, or everybody is shy. C'mon, fess up! I think it's an interesting topic and one that, hopefully, can make each of us take stock of ourselves.

I'm a huge fan of Jeffery Deaver (who writes really good mystery books) and I came across this in the latest book I read and think it's also something to really think about. I know it never occured to me before!

"The starlight we see is thousands or millions of years old. By the time it gets to earth the stars themselves've moved - some of them have already burned out and disappeared."
-from The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver.

Funny how we never think about that. We know the concept of light years, but putting it into this context really is mind-boggling.

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