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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A question to think about

While I've been off the computer, I've had more time to contemplate life and such normally uninteresting things. However, I did stumble across this question and have been giving it some serious thought. "What five things represent you"? You know, that can be a tough question! First I thought...only 5?...why, I know I can come up with a lot more than that. Maybe so, but are they things that truly represented who I am? Hmm. So, after much consideration, here are my five...
1. Books. They would have to top my list, no question. They have been in my life ever since I can remember. I collect books, I inhale books, I revere books. Subject matter isn't necessarily important. Craft books, mysteries, how-to's, romances, biographies - they all are my friends and define who I am.
2. My friends. Need I say more? They feed me, they nuture my soul and are all so very special. I know there can be some question as to how my friends can 'represent me', but I think they do. They represent my choices in life and each of my friends fulfills a different need in my life.
3. My family. My husband, who treats me like a queen, and has done for more than 27 years. My sons who, despite my being a horrible mother for many years (a subject for another day), have turned into two of the nicest human beings I would ever want to know. Yeah, I know, mother love is partly the reason I say that, but I truly am glad to know them and to know that in some way I was part of that.
4. Crazy quilting. When I discovered this, I was in heaven. My years of trying many varying crafts have now blended pretty much into one. Who would have known that pretty much every technique I've done over the years would now be useable in one art form?
5. My sewing machine. Where would I be without it?

Now, it's your turn! What 5 things represent you? Please leave your responses in the comments.

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