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Friday, September 15, 2006


Attempt # 2 to learn the scanning operation of the new this better? Hope so!

These pictures of of 4 atc's I've done over the past while. The two flower ones were a technique I learned at our CQTeer group. Really simple to do! You just moisten the paper and gently pull on it to make the flower petals. They separate so nicely. 'Cherished memories' is a card I made for a Father's Day swap (again CQTeers). The final one was done for a 'tea and coffee' theme swap. The paper I used was a recycled card I picked up at the dollar store locally. They have lots of cards (and envelopes) made with handmade paper & are really cheap, especially when you only want a small bit of any one.

Tomorrow, or maybe later today, I have another couple of pictures of a round robin CQ piece I've been finishing up using the techniques from SharonB's 100 Details series. I'm very sadly behind now but am determined to do them all.

I have also decided to take another year off from doing any work for others (other than what I do for gifts). For those of you who didn't know, I took 2006 'off' to concentrate on some of my own projects and ideas. Unfortunately the year hasn't been nearly long enough to make a dent in my 'want-to-do' list. So, I'm taking another year...just because I can!

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