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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My computer guru is coming... I'm hopeful he can figure out what I'm doing wrong for the pictures. We're heading off to the city this afternoon to pick up #2 son and his girlfriend. I don't think he uses blogger tho, so it might be a fruitless venture. We'll see. He has an appointment for tomorrow to take his final driver's test, so keep your fingers crossed!

I spent yesterday at Kym's for our CQTeer meeting. One of the members wasn't there, so it didn't seem the same (missed you Irene!). Kym showed us a technique for laminating and Sue showed us how to do a really cute folded paper envelope which could hold an atc or a bag of tea for a gift. We exchanged our atcs for the month - Oriental theme. It's the second time we have done this theme because we all liked it so much.

UPDATE! I'm really confused! I suddenly had a brainwave (doesn't happen often, so be impressed) and tried scanning the atcs from yesterday to see if scanned pictures would 'take' in Blogger. They did. Now I'm led to believe it's something about my camera that's not working correctly. Oh dear. Anyway, enjoy the atc's! Hopefully you can click on them to enlarge the picture but at this point I'm not sure of anything.

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