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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Obviously it didn't work. Hmm. Does anybody have any ideas as to what could be happening? Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger? Never mind, don't bother to answer that. I know already it's only me because it always is.

Spent this morning grubbing in dirt. It was high time all my houseplants got either a fresh treat of soil or needed to be split off into more because they were totally potbound. Now I've likely killed several of them with kindness and will regret not having left them alone. Time will tell.

This afternoon I hope to finish putting the buttons on the baby sweater I finished knitting a few weeks ago. I made it in an 18 month size so it's not a pressing thing to get it delivered but thought I'd better finish it so that it didn't sit around til the kid himself is 18!

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  1. Hello, this is a pity comment, lol. Now quit whining & fix the picture thingy. No pics is almost as bad as you making me sit thru all the garden ones; sigh. See ya tomorrow :o)


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