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Friday, September 08, 2006

Anniversary day away

We've had a lovely day touring about the countryside. We got as far as Huntsville and then across Algonquin Park. The leaves aren't quite in full colour yet, but some were starting to turn. We didn't see any wildlife in the park, but did see three deer in someones front yard in Huntsville! And before you ask, they were real deer. It seemed odd to see them in the downtown core.

Jack, being the loving husband he is, even let me look around a quilt store (Huntsville has a really nice one); a used bookstore AND a bead/wool store. Poor long suffering man. You all should be impressed though - I didn't buy a thing! I could cheerfully have spent a small fortune in the quilt shop - they had some gorgeous fabrics I would have loved. New computers aren't that cheap and I know I have to cut back on my crafty things for awhile. One more excuse to use up my stash!

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