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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm doing a test run on my scanner, just to see how it works. I scanned in a copy of the chocolate-themed recipe card swap pieces I did , just to see how it works. Not sure about the quality at this moment, but will enlarge the picture once it posts to see what it's like. I showed the background paper and how I made it before the computer died. On top of that I put a transparency made using packing tape and used some paint chips (free..shhh) in colors that were named in appropriate chocolate titles. The word 'desire' was a rub-on sticker from the dollar store. The cards I sent out had tiny glass beads (in copper) as a 'frame' for the picture and I also glued on a little feather in the bottom right corner. I can't wait to get my collection back to see what everyone else did.

Kym was here for a 'sew day' today, but, as usual, I think we spent more time yakking. Isn't that what sew days are for? I worked on one of my Christmas presents and she played with a machine of sorts that is marvelous for stringing those mind-numbing seed beads onto something useable in the way of thread or wire. Far superior to having to do each single one by hand.

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