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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fair prep

Blogger is still not happy about loading my pictures, which is rather strange.

This afternoon will be spent readying myself for a three day stint with Kym at the local fair. It's her booth, but I go to keep her company. We can't just go and sit there with nothing to do (and nothing to eat) so we have to take lots to entertain us. Boredom is simply not good for either one of us, since we can manage to get in enough trouble even if we have lots to do! We both have to lug our Obus forms and our pillows to sit on because the chairs they give us to sit on have to be the most uncomfortable things, especially when we're parked in them for three days!! It's fun though, because I love talking to people, some of whom I only see at the fair.

I don't know what Kym is showing this year, because she refuses to tell me. I think I should be worried because it involves something to do with food colouring and ears (and I don't mean as in corn either). Hmmmm.......

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