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Monday, August 02, 2021

A sale!


 I'm having  a landscape sale here at Chez Magpie!  Until the 15th of August you can purchase one of my landscapes and receive $20 off!  If you've been thinking of either owning one yourself or giving one as a gift, now would be a great time.  Simply go to the 'Landscapes For Sale' category in my sidebar (or you can click HERE) and you can see the ones on offer.  I accept PayPal for payment and please note that shipping will be added to your cost.  


The work on the advent calendars continues with the ornaments finished for the first calendar and a start on the second ones.  I'm also in the process of collecting 'fodder' to do the third, more girlie, version.  I know the baby isn't due until after Christmas but I want to get a good start on her advent before I forget how I made the first two....mainly because I want them to be the same and yet different.  The trees will be the same in colours/fabrics but the quilting and background/backing fabrics will be different, as well as the ornaments.  The colourway for the ones for the boys was pretty much the traditional green and red whereas the third version will be more Victorian in colours.  I will use the same design ideas for the ornaments (ie. there will be a little house, a gingerbread man, etc) but, like the other two advents, they will be different.

Here's a closeup of one of the ornaments so you can see how I'm finishing them - a row of buttonhole stitch and then 'whipping' with gold.

- With recycling being of such importance these days, have a look at the incredible creations of THIS artist!!

- I'd love a set of THESE!!!!  

- I know THAT day in December is still a dirty word for many of you, but some of you might find you'd like to make THIS.  

- The August issue of the 'Crazy Quilt Magazine' can be found HERE.  It's another good one!!

- There's a great article HERE on how to finish a needlepoint ornament.  

- Check out THIS site for some really pretty quilt patterns.

Today's quote...."If you're not willing to learn, no one can help you.  If you're determined to learn, no one can stop you"


  1. Good opportunity to buy a piece of magpie's art for your Thanksgiving wall! It's rural in theme, perfect! Go!

    And the artist who works in filament and ties is wonderful. I love the pieces drifting about the grass and the trees. Thank you. New to me.

    1. Thank you Liz!
      As for the filament/tie artist - how I would love to see some of those pieces in person.

  2. Great idea to get a jump start on the next advent calendar, the ornaments are looking great! Christine xx

    1. I'm starting the one for the baby because I know that I will forget too many details about the ones I'm doing for her brothers by the time she's old enough to use it.

  3. I know your calendars will be treasured for years and generations to come. All the time of labor of live will be well spent.

    1. I hope they'll become heirlooms of sorts - but who knows.

  4. Very smart of you to start baby girl's advent calendar now. I can totally relate to your reasoning. I watched the whole video about how to make an ornament with a small needlework. I was mesmerized. ;^)

    1. I know myself well enough to realize that a couple of years from now when the 'new baby' advent will be needed I will have mostly forgotten how I did the ones for the boys. I want them to be the same, and yet different enough to be recognizable.


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