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Friday, November 09, 2018

The fun never ends

I'll lead off this post with my thanks to everyone who extended their sympathy to us after the passing of Jack's sister.  We are so grateful that your thoughts were with us.  She was 83 and had been in a nursing home with Alzheimer's so it was hard to be too sad knowing that she wouldn't have wanted to live like that.

Last week I did manage to finish up a set of Christmas ornaments that will be donated to the local quilt guild who are decorating a charity tree.  I made these years ago and had forgotten just how time consuming they are to make - to say nothing about the sheer amounts of straight pins needed to make them!!

The pattern can be found in many places around the internet - just google 'folded fabric ornaments' and you'll find all sorts of examples.  

I didn't want to lead this post with the picture I'm about to show you because I thought you'd run away screaming but never let it be said that here at Chez Magpie I shy away from the not-so-nice.  Just prior to my SIL's passing, I started developing redness on one side of my face and knew I was in for another bout of whatever-it-was that happened to me last June.  Just what I needed when we were having to deal with a funeral.  I used lots of ice and aloe and managed to keep the redness down enough that I hoped no one would really notice.  Since then it's flared to the degree that it's very red and swollen.  I thought it was an allergic reaction to something and I'm probably right in thinking that.  Had an online consult with my doctor last night and after sending her pictures, the diagnosis is excema.  It appears this will be something that keeps recurring - it's a once you have it, you'll always have it sort of thing.  Here's what I looked like last night...
Needless to say, going out in public is not something I'm about to do right now.  I'm not vain enough to care what I look like but I certainly don't want people to look at me and then turn their eyes to Jack and wonder if he was the cause of it.  (hmmm.....maybe I've suddenly developed an allergy to him????.....hmmmm.......).  This, too, shall pass - but I wish it would hurry up!

- There's a nice free printable HERE for recipe cards - especially nice if you share a recipe!

- THIS is a really cute stuffed polar bear that would be fun to make for little ones.

- If you go HERE you can find a number of links to patterns for making Advent calendars.

- If you bought some wool roving with grand plans to needle felt something and it didn't happen (we've all done that, haven't we!) you might be able to use it to make THESE wonderful angels.

- If you, like many of us, have lots of fabric scraps and have trouble coming up with storage ideas for them, perhaps one of THESE ideas might be just what you're searching for.

- Have a peek at the work of THIS artist.

- THIS is a somewhat unusual take on a tote bag - and note the pretty added flower!

- THESE might make great Christmas gifts for those with cold ears!

Another anonymous quote..."As a kid I think I ate too many rice krispies.  Now all my body does is snap crackle and pop!"


  1. Mary Anne I was saddened to read of your sister-in-law's passing. As you say it would be hard to wish her back living with Alzheimers. My goodness you have a 'shiner' there. How annoying that it will keep coming back. Yes, I suppose if you do go out walking with your Jack all manner of imaginings will enter others' minds. Hope your eye is back to normal soon.

  2. So sorry about your flare-up. It's probably a lot less noticeable to everyone else than to you.

  3. Eczema is not a nice condition and it does come back but, that doesn't mean it isn't triggered by something.... you are probably right in thinking that you are allergic to something. I hope it passes off quickly... keep a diary to see if you can pinpoint what the trigger is. Love those decorations but I can see they would be fiddly to make! Enjoy your weekend! Christine xx

  4. That Christmas ornament is beautiful - and it looks massively time consuming. What a generous donation a set of these is to the charity tree your quilt guild sponsors. So sorry to see your eczema issue. How discouraging that it may return. :^(

  5. That looks sore. I hope it doesn't last long. Jack needs a t-shirt with It wasn't me! on it. Is it triggered by stress or something you eat or things in the environment I wonder.

  6. Mary Anne Dear I am so sorry you are having bouts of excess and I pray for you to have remission very quickly. I have made these folded fabric pinned pine cone shaped ornaments and they are very hard on the pin poking fingers but very pretty gifts. Your donations are beautiful. Healing Energy Sweet MA.

  7. Eczema isn't fun. My sister had it all during her school years. She had to write her final exams in high school wearing cotton gloves. Good luck and hope it disappears quickly.


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