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Friday, September 01, 2017

Stitching away

I'm stitching.  Yes, indeed I am.  However......there's not much worth showing you at this point so I will wait until next week for that.  Instead. I'd like to point you towards something that sounds like great fun (and I might play along if I can come up with something).

You can find out more if you go HERE!

- You simply HAVE to go and see THIS (and read the accompanying story too!).  I am so blown away by this and absolutely love it!!! 

- Hmmmm.....maybe I should think of creating some of THESE with all those jars of buttons I have sitting in my sewing room!!!

- THESE are amazing!!  I'd love to own one.  Or how about THESE?

- HERE's a great way to use up some yarn scraps - and it ends up being something really useful too.  And maybe you'd like to make one (or several!) of THESE.

- The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design has just announced their newest challenge called 'Mixed-Media Self Portrait Challenge' and you can find more details about that HERE.  Many of you will remember the undersea challenge I played along with earlier in the year.

- THIS would make a sweet little gift for someone special (including yourself).

- Although the 2018 Musical-themed calendar  from the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine was canceled due to lack of entries, Pam Kellogg has created a lovely calendar of her own designs.  It's now available and you can find out more HERE.  Also, she has re-released a free pattern just in time for October's Breast Cancer Awareness month.  You can find that HERE.

Today's quote is from someone anonymous..."You have a choice each and every single day.  You can choose to feel blessed.  You can choose to feel grateful.  You can choose to be excited.  You can choose to be thankful.  You can choose to be happy"


  1. Delightful links as always! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well youd guess Id adore the tactile story book I'm sure and such a delightful memory for her that rhyme too!

  3. Stitching a memory indeed - you find the coolest things! When I opened up the embroidery pincushion link it happened to me! I made a pink satin pincushion in my youth, but I can't remember who with... I'm going to try hard to recall that info, it is going to really bug me as long term memory is supposed to be the last to go...
    Happy Labor Day
    Wren x

  4. I love the sweet little embroidery pincushion and the zipper pouch. I had just read Jillayne's post and I amm enamored with everything she creates. Can a person ever have too many pincushions? Fabulous post as always Sweet Mary Anne...<3

  5. You certainly do lead us to entertaining and gorgeous links, Mary Anne. I love different pin cushions. People always come up with such fun ones. You must whip up a fancy one. =)

  6. those are a lot of interesting links, Maggie! I actually pinned the pin cushion tutorial! And thanks so much for blogging about the Pincusion Parade!


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