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Friday, September 15, 2017

Just a little bit of knitting

Just to prove that something DOES get accomplished here at Chez Magpie....

Two little grandsons will be getting these for Christmas.  Hats are the 'Tot Lot #9: Watch Cap"  from HERE.  And the mittens are  the Basic Four Needle Mittens from a booklet 'Next Steps Seven: Mittens and Gloves' by Patons.  Both are made using Paton's Canadiana yarn.  Both parents requested 'idiot strings' (whoever came up with THAT term I wonder?).

And just for fun I thought I'd share a poor-quality picture of a huge dinosaur we came across in our travels.  It's entirely made of found objects.  Unfortunately the place was closed and we couldn't get closer for better pictures.

Your quote today  is from Mandy Hale..."Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with the people you love.  Life is so very precious


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Hi ,wow what wonderful gifts for your GS's they will love them and that dinosaur is amazing what a shame the place was closed xx

  2. Lucky grandkids, and you seem to be knitting up a storm lately! Have to say I have never heard the term "idiot strings" and it sounds unnecessarily mean to me. Who's the "idiot" - the child? Just because mittens are easy to lose? Hmmm.
    I haven't been knitting at all, but in a week I'll be joining a KAL for socks to try to get my knitting rhythm back again. If socks can't do it, I don't know what can!

  3. Nice knitting work!
    Your grandsons will appreciate those this winter.
    Thanks for the tips, that lacey crocheted shawl is gorgeous and colorful.

  4. love your new header image Mary Anne....

  5. Great hats and mittens - your grandsons will love them. The Dino looks great - someone has done a great job making it.

  6. Those are the cutest mitten and hat sets. And, thank you for all the pattern links. Enjoy your day, Pat

  7. Lucky grandsons! We have a caribou at the entrance to our town, constructed the same way - from old scrap metal pieces. Tons of people stop to take photos of it and of themselves beside it. For me it has become a fixture. How quickly we lose our excitement over things!!

  8. Excellent links as always. I love the crocheted shawl. Fun dinosaur made of ephemera. Super great quote. Love the knitted hats and mittens you have created for your Littles. <3

  9. Lovely knitted goodies! Sure to be loved. Great links - those free knitted patterns are great. Thanks

  10. Your caps and mittens are darling! What a fun dinosaur, too. Your quotes are always fantastic. This one struck home, as I am about to head out and help my mom.


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