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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Just some little yo-yo's

Yesterday was a sew day with two of my friends and I started creating the yo-yo's I would need in order to create THIS.  If it turns out okay, it will be another addition to my Christmas box.

This is a great stash-buster if nothing else!

- For those of you who enjoy creating your own yearly planner, perhaps you might like to check THIS one out.  

- HERE's another cute pumpkin pincushion (or it would be nice for your fall decor too).

- Pam Kellogg has a post HERE that gives an overview of the fun things she has that are ongoing through her blog.  

- Mary Corbet has a great post HERE that talks about the things she feels are essential in her embroidery workroom. How I'd love to see it in person!   And while I was reading Mary's blog I noticed she has a link to an adorable embroidered bear with great info on stitching can see that HERE.  

Today your quote is from an anonymous source..."Never forget that time passes so quickly you don't even notice it until it begins to show.  So use the good china, go on the trip, eat the cake, watch the late movie, read your favourite book and take a chance in life.  Tomorrow is promised for no one....pass it on...."


  1. Your Yo-Yo Puppy for Theo will be bright and fun. Lots of fun links and such great gift ideas. Today's quote speaks right to our topic today at Weight Watchers....Time passes all too quickly! If not NOW...When?

  2. Great Yo-Yos, and what a fun idea, a yo-yo puppy!

  3. The Yo-Yos remind me of hair scrunchies.Waiting to see the yo-yo puppy.

  4. Oh, that is going to be such a cute yo-yo puppy! A lot of work, but so adorable! And thanks for that planner link, too! Xo

  5. Lots of yo-yos! I remember doing them years ago. Thanks for the links


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