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Friday, September 08, 2017

Playing along!

I told you about this fun online party a couple of days ago and I decided I would play along...

Go HERE for further info about the party.
Thank you so much to Ida of 'My Sister Made Me Do It'
for organizing the party!

I created a pincushion for the party using parts of several ladies hankies I had in my stash.  Some of the hankies in my collection are so pretty and it's a shame to leave them languishing in storage when they can be made into something useful.

I thought the party-goers might also enjoy seeing a few of my other pincushions too.  

These were made for Christmas gifts one
year - and include an emery-filled 
strawberry on top.

This is one that I included in one of my
hussifs.  You can see more about it HERE and HERE.

This one is my daily-use pincushion.
It's made using the following components...

A salad bowl found at the thrift store 

Seven metal napkin rings that fit inside
the bowl...glued in place

I then used some recycled denim fabric to make stuffed 'poufs' and glued them into the napkin rings for the flower petals.  

This is another pincushion that sees constant use.
I've made a number of these for gifts, but I add a heavy
washer (from the hardware store) covered with
a bit of felt and sew it on the bottom to add weight.
The pattern can be found HERE.  

Part of the play along is to show our ugliest pincushion.
Well, this one isn't really 'ugly' (because I love
the fabric) BUT it ended up being huge
and spent more time landing on the floor
than it did anything else.

Today your quote is from an anonymous source... "Too much fabric?  I think the phrase you're looking for is too small sewing room"


  1. Nice pincushions in your parade. I really like the hankie idea. I have lots of hankies and this is a great way to use some of them. So pretty.

  2. That's a beauty of a pincushion Mary Ann!
    And you have a fun collection.
    Thanks for the tips. Have a good weekend.

  3. Pincushions are always great fun. Lovely hankie pincushion you have created. Wow there are so many fabulous ideas here. Cooler weather here and I feel we are Falling into Autumn. <3

  4. The lacy hankie one is fantastic! And the cake - what an idea. Did you keep the whole thing or give slices away? Thanks for the links to pincushions. I have some of the green fabric in the Jinny Byer one, but I'm not sure I have the brain power to follow her directons! I might try...

  5. Wow! am so glad you decided to have given us some wonderful ideas....the hankie pincushion is exquisite and all the tutorial links are so sweet of you. I don't know which to try first!

  6. You are amazing, my friend, and all that you create adds beauty and sparkle to everyday life. LOVE your pin cushions.

    Hugs to you!

  7. Anonymous7:56 PM

    wow your pin cushions are amazing my friend ,i love the cake slices,thankyou for sharing xx

  8. What lovely pin cushions. I love the purple one with the flowers made with a hanky.

  9. Sweet pin cushions, Mary Anne. Pretty handkerchiefs should always be out in the open! How amazing is the cake slices one! Re the thought of too much fabric or bigger sewing room...I was only thinking the other day I just might need a bigger sewing room.=)

  10. What a great selection of pincushions.

  11. Gorgeous collection of different and ingenious pincushions, thank you for the links.

  12. You make the most fabulous pin cushions! Lovely.

  13. Awesome pincushions! I especially love the purple hankie one, and I am not normally a purple person. But that one is to die for!

  14. Love the hankie pincushions!! Just yesterday, I saw some similar ones in the flea market - old ones and priced at 4 Euros each. Would you be willing to pay so much for a second hand hanky?

  15. Those are all lovely. I love the way you used the hankie.

  16. I really love all your pincushions!! The cake slices!! I want to do something like that now :)

  17. Love all the pincushions and the links to other ones. Cruised through your links. There's a couple I might try sometime. The key word: sometime! Thanks

  18. You really must be the Queen of Pincushions or shall I say the Pincushion Princess as I like the P's together! What fun !
    I think you'd better come and sit on one of those sun loungers with me for a rest after all that hard work!!!
    Wren x

  19. Lovely original collection. I adore the first one - just so pretty! The cake slices are gorgeous and the long hussif one is pretty too. I think your 'ugly' looks very useful! Love your crazy header. xx

  20. Sew many gorgeous projects! I love the sweet white with roses. And the cake slices, how cool is that! xx

  21. you have more than done justice to those beautiful hankies, the pin cushion is beautiful. Such a crammed post, so much inspiration and loveliness.

  22. I really do love the cake slice pin cushion - yummy but no calories!

  23. Gorgeous pincushions, Mary Anne!
    I especially like the hankie pincushion, it's so pretty!
    Catching up on visiting the PPPP will be back to visit your links.
    Barbara x


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