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Friday, August 25, 2017

Another finish

This afternoon I had a bit of time to sew and I finished making a tote bag that will be added to the Christmas gifting cupboard....

This one should be titled 'Comedy of Errors Bag' because I managed to flub up the pattern royally and had to do some creative fixing to make it work.  I had the orange fabric in my stash and also had the 'crown-thingie' lurking in there too.  It's something that I've held onto waiting for the right moment to use it.  The denim was from a lovely big piece of yardage I found at the thrift store.  My idea of a  great gift!

Pattern, if you want to have a go at it (and are better at following directions than I am!!) is the 'Quilted Tote Bag' from HERE.  

- THIS is a fairly nice baby blanket, but what caught my eye is the border.

- THIS is a different method for turning fabric tubes.  I haven't tried it, but if I do I think I would be tempted to try using dental floss which isn't as apt to break.  

- Many of you know that I have a very large collection of buttons so perhaps I should try to make one of THESE.

- I'm sure most of you have probably heard of the 'One Year of Stitches' challenge.  I came across THIS that not only explains the challenge but shows a pretty incredible stitched example.

- If you are dreaming of some pretty new knobs for any reason, have a look at the fun tutorial found HERE  (be sure to scroll down to get the tute).  

Today your quote is a 'funny'....

If you know who did the drawing, please let me know so I can give proper credit!  


  1. Your "comedy of errors" bag is very cool, Mary Anne. A wonderful gift. My, you have this christmas present making thingy down pat this year.

  2. Love your tote bag. I'm always 'rewriting' patterns as I can't follow one precisely to save my life. I also really enjoyed the quote! 😉

  3. Great denim bag you have created. Fun links as always. I love the decoupaged wooden knobs. I can totally relate to being so wealthy...if only I were wealthy in "Old Money". Happy Week Dear...<3

  4. I love the "crown thingy" you used for the bag. Sometimes all you have to do is read one part of a pattern wrong and it throws you off kilter. Why do you think sewers are button collectors? I have so many and use them now and then but I certainly have more than I'll ever find a use for. Instead of a stitch a week, maybe we should start a challenge to use a button a day, lol.
    xx, Carol

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  6. Hey, anyone who makes it onto your Christmas card and pressie list is in for a treat! Love this!
    Wren x

  7. I love the link to the fancy knobs. I found a post on painting instead of upholstering furniture. Great idea!

  8. Such a busy person creating all those Christmas presents! Moving has taken over my life. Love the funny comment - it's so true :). Thanks for the links.

  9. I love that ''sash''. It's perfect here, beautiful contrasts.


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