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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

As our mothers said....

....waste not, want not.  And in that vein, you might remember my latest barn project and how I wasn't pleased with the grass area that I had originally created.  So....I lobbed it off!  Then I was left with the  part I got rid of.

So.....I made it into postcards!

- HERE's a rather nice scarf pattern that looks easy to do!  And HERE is a really nice masculine one.  And THIS is a pretty shawl pattern.

- Have a peek at the amazing thread work THIS artist creates!

- If you would like to make fabric books ( or already do) Sharon B has started a facebook group and you can find out more HERE.

Today your quote is from an anonymous source...."Surround yourself with people you love being yourself with"


  1. An artist after my own heart!! I wondered what would become of the grassy bits. They look lovely.

  2. You put that fabric to great use! These are wonderful. :)

  3. You are the Queen of "Waste not, want not"! As I recall, you were the one who gave me the idea to use an old denim quilt UFO as kennel quilts. So I'm not surprised that your resourceful self found a use for the "grass clippings"!!

  4. Love those postcards!
    xx, Carol

  5. The postcards are a Win-Win-Win! I especially love the left and lower ones because now they look like underwater-scapes to me - magic! :)

  6. ''lobbed it off'' that made me laugh :) definitely waste not want not. I never throw anything away.


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