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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work....

Well, I'm not the one going off to work, but it didn't stop me from creating these...

and while I was at it, I made
matching mittens...

The pattern for the socks is 'Get To Work!-Baby Socks' by Laura Sapergia and can be found HERE.  The mittens came from a generic plain baby mitten that I changed the colours around to make them match the socks.

- There is a really sweet little pincushion pattern HERE.  This pattern is definitely a keeper!!  Perfect for gift-giving.

- If you have little ones in your life that want to help out in the kitchen, how about making them an apron?  Go HERE for that.

- I would imagine many of you have the same issue as I do with messy cords lying about.  There's a fun solution HERE that uses up scrap  

- Kathy Shaw has opened registrations for her FREE online traditional quilting class.  Making mug rugs is the perfect way to learn how to sane quilt, as well as creating some useful items that you can either use yourself or give as gifts.  Go HERE for further info (registration closes Aug. 31, so you'll have to hurry!).  

Sometimes someone has a brain wave and wonders why they never thought of it before.  Such is the case with the brilliant solution my DH came up with on the weekend.  We went to the local market and came home with large 'bouquets' of kale and swiss chard.  It, of course, needed to be washed and dried before refrigerating.  DH had a lightbulb moment and you can see the results...

The veggies came with elastics around the stems to hold them together and simply hanging the clumps on the cupboard door handles directly above the sink makes for a perfect drainage system.  Please ignore the messy counter though!

The quote for today came about when I researched possible quotes to reflect brilliant ideas and is from Sue Grafton...."Ideas are easy.  It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats"   I don't think I'll tell DH about this one - he might not like the comparison!


  1. Love those bitsy socks and mittens! Toddler socks for a charity was how I started knitting I've lost count of the pairs of womansocks I've knit :)

  2. That's how I drip dry my dyeing projects. Not food you notice...

  3. Darling socks and mittens, Mary Ann. Good idea for your delicious looking kale.
    The quote hits it right on too. Sometimes I'm a sheep, sometimes a goat.

  4. Neat idea but your tip doesn't work in my house. I have no cupboards above my sink. I love the socks and mitts. I found an apron pattern that uses only two fat quarters for a reversible apron and the cutouts for the arms is used for pockets.

  5. Those socks and mittens are really adorable pieces:))
    Rengin, in Istanbul

  6. Sweet socks and mittens. Your DH is simply brilliant, Mary Anne.

  7. Super cute and warm baby socks annd mittens you have knitted. Love the links you included today. DH has a great idea in drying those bunches of healthiness. Ahhh...the "execution" is what always stymies me.

  8. The socks and mitts....too cute :)

    That is a good idea but I don't have cupboards above my sink either.

  9. Exquisite socks and mitts!
    I do like knitting smaller items, they can be started and finished so fast lol

  10. Precious socks and mittens in what makes me think of the traditional "sock monkey".

  11. Great idea! Drip dry! Love the cutie mittens and socks.

  12. Cute socks and matching mittens!! Thanks to your Hubby for the hang dry idea. Terry put cabinets above my sink last year and I sure never thought of using them for hang drying. What a great idea!
    xx, Carol

  13. Very cute looking socks and matching mittens. They must have been a delight to knit.

  14. Great socks - thanks for sharing. I downloaded the pattern. I like the matching mittens and interesting links too.

  15. Oh those 'off to work' socks are adorable - any day now I'm guessing you'll be waiting for the phone call! Always such a blessing to have a new baby in the family especially one with warm tootsies!
    Wren x

  16. the little socks are so cute!!! If I get broody I will tell my husband it's your fault!!!!


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