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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Bear vs Bare

I must say that the title of this blog post is very apropos today.  It's exceedingly hot here once again and the humidity level is climbing rapidly.  No rain in sight either, so there's not much hope of a cooling down for at least a few days.  So 'bare' would be a wonderful thing!!!

However, since this isn't an x-rated blog, I will have to simply share with you this fellow...

He stands about 15" tall and was created using Vogue pattern # 7534.  It's an older pattern and might not still be available.

There are a few mumblings for today...

1.  There are some sweet (and free!) embroidery patterns to be found through THIS link.

2.  For tatters, there's a really pretty heart border pattern HERE.  

3.  There's an adorable crocheted  kitty pattern available HERE and there's an even more adorable monkey HERE.  There's also an owl HERE.  

4.  For sewers there are some really nice basket patterns HERE

5.  Those interested in dolls and/or fashion might find THIS link fascinating (I know I did!).  Thanks to Deanna for telling me about this one. 

Today your quote is from Orison Swett Marden...."All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"


  1. What a sweet teddy bear!

    Have a great weekend and keep cool ~ FlowerLady

  2. A bare bear! What's his name I wonder?

  3. Lovely teddy bear and keep cool! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Oh those dolls!! Don't you just love looking at beautifully dressed dolls!
    xx, Carol

  5. That is one hugable teddy bear :)

  6. That is a cute bear! nice work.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Try putting your bare feet in a kiddie pool or a bucket of water with some ice in it, does wonders.

  7. Thanks for all the links.I'm hoping we both get a weather break this weekend.

  8. I adore your Teddy Bear. Great links with some fun. I think the embroidery designs are adorable. Those dolls are stunning! Hope your heat breaks soon.

  9. Hope the heat and humidity are a little more bearable now - ha ha. Cute bear!
    Wren x

  10. I found you again! I am ginger to have fun catching up on every thing you have been creating.

    Go bless.

  11. Your header photo is wonderful; the work of your hands and heart is fabulous! Visiting from Quinn, enjoying my time here.

  12. Love the bear! Hope you're coping with the heat!
    When it gets so very hot here I always soak a small towel and wrap it round my neck - it does make a big difference!
    Such a sweet kitty! Those baskets are gorgeous - I must make one - thank you for the mumblings!
    Barbara xx


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