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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Blessings - some good, some not so

Today has been an 'interesting' day on several different fronts - and none of them involved stitching done by my hands.  The first order of business today was for DH to trundle our car out to the mechanic for a good once-over prior to us leaving on our 'big road trip'.  Alas, the once-over culminated in the necessity to replace ALL four tires!!  Not an expense we were anticipating right now, thank you very much.  However, the thought of attempting to drive through the Canadian Rocky Mountains with tires that were iffy made the replacement of same a no-brainer.  

This morning a friend was here for coffee and came bearing gifts for our soon-to-be-born grandson and this afternoon I had lunch with another friend who has made the most amazing quilt for him.  Alas I don't have a picture of any of the above to share, but they are all beautiful and so very thoughtful of my friends to share in the birth of our wee one.  I am blessed to have such good friends in my life.

Sometimes, in these days of  doom and gloom on the news every day, it's nice to read a heartwarming story and THIS one certainly is just that.  What a wonderful man!

- Kathy Shaw has released a fun hexagon quilt pattern that you can see HERE   

- if you're a tatter, you might like the free pattern HERE for angel's wings.

- Sharon Boggon has a free floral embroidery pattern for downloading HERE.  

- there are lots of ideas HERE for fabric manipulation techniques.

- there are some really cute free patterns available here (be sure to check out the teddy in the altoid tin!)  

- for the awwww factor, how about THIS little fellow!!  

Today your quote is from an anonymous source....

 Twelve things to always remember:

The past cannot be changed
Opinions don't define your reality
Everyone's journey is different
Things always get better with time
Judgements are a confession of character
Overthinking will lead to sadness
Happiness is found within
Positive thoughts creative positive things
Smiles are contagious
Kindness is free
You only fail if you quit
What goes around comes around


  1. How nice that you have sane quilting friends to make baby quilts for you!

  2. Oh Boy, you sure get around the web!! Thanks for all the great links. If I knew how to knit, I'd be making some of those tiny teddies. Very awwwwww full.

    Great friends you have so think a lot of you. You are lucky and your grandbaby will love the gifts.
    xx, Carol

  3. The media certainly has a sick preoccupation with negative don't they?
    I guess they firmly believe that's what sells.
    Thanks for all the links and info.
    Have a good trip!

  4. Your car surprise sounds like ours. While traveling and experiencing very HOT temperatures of 107F our car decided to only blow hot air. A special fan belt burned and broke. Replacement and cold A/C over $600. A few days later while still in extreme heat we smelled gasoline. Off to the shop and a new fuel pump after three days in the repair garage. Thank goodness hubby knows what is wrong and can control the guys doing the repairs. So...almost $1800 and we are now "good-to-go"?? I just didn't want you to feel alone. May you have very safe travels on your trip. You have very sweet friends to bring you such wonderful baby gifts. Blessings Dear....

  5. It's a shock when someone points out that tires need replacing, isn't it? At least, I'm always surprised. Good decision to do it before your cross-country trip!

  6. Ouch about the tyres but great to know they are now all in good condition - ready for the trip! Love that bear so cute! And yes, aren't friends wonderful.


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