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Monday, August 15, 2016

A play date

Yesterday we were happy to have a play date with our grandson and his new puppy, along with a lovely visit with our son and daughter-in-love.  

Meet our new grand-dog...

Her name is Riley and she's a 
black lab/boxer/border collie mix.

And, here's the reason they got her...

What's better than a little boy and a dog?

- There's a nice pattern HERE for a crocheted butterfly mobile (but the butterflies could be used for many other things too simply by varying the weight of the yarn/thread used!).  

- THIS is a great way to store your crafting supplies if you're traveling or even if you want to keep the fodder for the current project you happen to be working on.  Thanks to Donna from Brynwood Needleworks for the link for this one.

- There's a really cute knitted sweater pattern HERE.  

- and for more of the awwwww factor, check out the bears HERE and HERE and another one HERE.  There is more bear cuteness in THIS blog.

Today your quote, fittingly, is from Erma Bombeck...."Every puppy should have a boy"


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Oh, that picture is just precious! Thanks for sharing that.
    Maureen S

  2. That suitcase is the bomb!! What an awesome redo! Both your grandson and granddog are precious. Glad you had some family time this weekend.

  3. Thanks for the links. Gosh that is such a great pic of your grandson and his pup. They made a great selection! The mix is perfection in my humble opinion. My Jack was a Boxer/Lab and he was one of my best friends. Laurie's dog when she was growing up was a Border Collie mix and he was the best.
    xx, Carol

  4. Good thing that pup has an energetic boy to play with! With border collie in his lineage he will be perpetual motion. Like the boy I expect! Lovely pix. Now to follow your links.

  5. Riley looks a cutie! Love the photo of your grands together.

  6. Yes, every puppy should have a boy. What a sweet photo of your two Grands sleeping together. Sew much cuteness in the links you shared. Lovely Day to You...

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Lovely picture, Mary Anne, but do I espy a denim coverlet?
    Val (UK)

  8. What a cute picture of a boy and his dog. Riley is one lucky dog.

  9. Oh what a wonderful sleeping picture!
    Love, Love it!!

  10. What lovely photos of the new dog and your grandson. And every boy needs a puppy! Magical!

  11. What a nice photo. Riley looks so happy with his protected environment.
    Much love,

  12. you've got a grand dog, I've got a grand cat. His name is Elvis. We could be starting a trend!

  13. Love the pic of the grandson and the dog...

  14. Mary Anne-- this has to be the cutest thing ever!! How precious is that photo of a boy and his dog!! Your grand dog is adorable and that boy is beyond precious:)


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