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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trees and CQ

Here's another bit of my Christmas pillow cover...

Over the weekend I hauled out the Christmas decorations and I thought you might like to see our tree.  It's artificial, of course - we're not allowed real trees in our apartment buildings due to fire regulations.

Yesterday I told you I was playing about with salt and spices and here's the result!

This assortment of flavoured salts was easy to make and will hopefully make someone happy at Christmas.

Today your quote is from Roy L. Smith... "He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree"


  1. You have been busy. Your Christmas tree is lovely and those flavoured salts sound very tasty. What a great idea for a present. BUT....your Christmas cushion....oh my its' beautiful. The little gingerbread man is so sweet and the cross stitch candles, just lovely. I have missed your earlier reveals of this pillow.....I am off now to have a bo peep.

  2. Flavored salts for gifts looks like a really interesting idea. I am truly enjoying seeing all the beautiful details of your gorgeous Christmas CQ.

  3. Your Christmas tree looks lovely Mary Anne and what a lovely idea the salts are. They make a lovely gift! Your Christmas cushion is beautiful, so much detail! Christine x

  4. Merry Christmas!! The last time...about 30 years ago, that we had a live tree it brought fleas into the house. I never knew that possibility but it's true.

    Those salts are a wonderful gift. I mix my own salts all the time to be sure we don't get MSG, which causes Terry headaches.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest.
    Christmas is looking good in your neck of the woods.
    Your flavored salts must have been fun to make.
    Happy December MA

  6. gorgeous tree Mary Anne...a very happy Christmas to you and yours xxx

  7. Beautiful tree and gifts! the quote is right on.

  8. Wow! I am behind in reading posts and am enjoying catching up with your gorgeous projects!

    I LOVE your Christmas pillow! The cross-stitch additions are darling and I love how you framed Santa! That beaded wreath is amazing.

    The flavored salts look amazing (I may look into that for a gift exchange this weekend...) Your tree looks lovely!

    The make up bag you made is wonderful! Thank you for sharing a link.

    My hubby admitted he may be willing to purchase a fake tree next year. I would love to put one up earlier in the month, but we wait so the real one will not dry out too much. The crafts you shared links to are so cute! (I bookmarked a few for future reference.) And, I have seen the Husband 1.0 bit before, but it made me chuckle all over again. Sarah's comment was hilarious!

  9. Those salts look great - they will be a super gift. Love the wonderful gingerbread man on the pillow - such a sweetie!

  10. Your tree is sooo nice:))

  11. The salt assortment is a wonderful gift!


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