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Monday, December 21, 2015


Computer woes are figured out!  I think they are anyway.  Thanks be to #2 son (and Boud's son too) there has been a remedy suggested and, with much trepidation, applied.  So far, fingers crossed, so good!

For those of you that are having issues with your internet server talking nicely to your anti-virus's what I ended up doing.  I'm running Windows10 and Kaspersky for my anti-virus and had Firefox for my internet.  My computer (unbeknownst to me, I might add) did an update and that meant that Firefox and Kaspersky were no longer friends.  (Yeah - and it's the season of brotherhood to man too - how dare they).  So...the suggestion was made that I should switch my Firefox to Chrome.  It was a really easy thing to do and lo - it seems to have fixed the problem.  It seems that Win10 plays nicely with Chrome, but there are bullying issues with Firefox.  

Now, on to a couple of projects that got finished over the weekend...

All three of the men in my family love to cook (one is a chef by trade), so they are each receiving a set of these hot mats.

The fabric was gifted to me by Sue of SuperMomNoCape....thank you Sue!!

This is a little baby blanket that I crocheted for a little one that will be arriving in the spring.

The pattern is now my favourite (thank you MEK!!).  It's a fairly basic one, but I then add a border around the outside in varying patterns as the whim strikes me.

A close-up of the pattern.

Just a couple of cute things I've found to share with you today...

- There is an adorable quick gift idea that Sew Many Ways has posted on her blog HERE.  It may be a bit late for use this year, but it's going on my 'possibility' list!  

- Gerry has posted a tutorial on making a beautiful folded ribbon treatment for crazy quilters and that can be found HERE.

I'm playing on the computer today.  I am staying out of the kitchen.  I am not going anywhere near it.  No way. No how.  Not if I value my life.  

DH is making copious amounts of butter tarts.

Flour is flying everywhere.

There's goo on everything.

There's fire in his eye.

Yes, I'm staying outta there!!

Today your quote is from W. J. Cameron... "There has been only one Christmas - the rest are anniversaries"


  1. Very glad you're back in business! And that my son was able to help get you there. You can in fact get Firefox to work with W10, if you ever fancy trying it -- workarounds are explained at the Mozilla website. Just FYI. I hate Chrome, the multitabbed wonder, so I always try for Firefox. But if you're happy, that's the whole story.

  2. Oh that's great that your computer woes have been sorted out. Computer problems are so exasperating! What great looking hot pads and the crocheted baby blanket looks wonderfully soft and beautifully crocheted. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!

  3. Congratulations on fixing your computer. Great gifts you have created. Merry Christmas calm...

  4. I am delighted you have your computer problems solved Mary Anne! Love your hot pads and the baby blanket is so delicate and beautiful! I have that same 'stay out of the kitchen' approach when other members of my family are in there cooking too! Hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2016! Hugs Christine x

  5. HI MA
    I battled with Terry's new laptop after an Win 10 update. Quite annoying and time sucking when I'd rather be stitching.

    Merry Christmas

  6. Gee, I wish someone would take over the cooking around here. I don't mind the baking. Love those hot mats and the baby blanket is gorgeous. I've got a house to clean today.

  7. Another baby! I must have missed that before... how lovely for you all!
    What a delightful shawl too! The garter stitch blanket I made for Evie ended up large enough to cover her should really follow a pattern for these things lol
    The pillow you made is lovely and doesn't really need a lace edging, its just perfect as it is!

  8. Great presents! So pleased your computer is making new friends.

  9. Glad to hear your computer troubles are sorted! Bullying! Who would have thought it! Love the hot mats, great fabric, and that's a sweet baby blanket!

    Barbara xx

  10. Lovely presents and internet ideas. I do like those Christmas Logs using towels. Putting that one on file to ponder for the future. The baby blanket is sweet.

  11. It was such fun to see the hotpads that you made with those fabric blocks! I'm sure they'll get used a lot.

    That crocheted baby blanket is lovely!


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