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Monday, June 01, 2015

Knitting? Who Knew? And socks too!!

I swore up and down many years ago that I would never ever in a million years attempt to knit socks.  This was after a huge debacle that happened over a Christmas gift for my DH that took me months (and months!!!) to knit - and needless to say did not get done in time for Christmas.  His birthday either, come to think of it. 


That looks surprisingly like a pair of socks, doesn't it?

And yes, I made them.

Will wonders never cease?

AND, would you believe I've cast on for the beginnings of another pair already?  I have enough of this yarn to make three pairs - so the three males in my family will be getting a gift from me at some point.  There might just be some more yarn in my stash that's suitable for the girls too.  So - there's more socks in my future!

These are knitted using Kroy Sock Yarn - toe up.  I'm not thrilled with the toes (despite three attempts at different methods) and have changed it for the next pair.  I don't care for pointy toes, despite the fact that they look okay when worn.  The heels were another three or four attempts to get it right, and they still may change somewhat.  Hmmm.....does this mean I'm writing my own pattern?  

Today the quote is from Franklin Roosevelt...."It is common sense to take a method and try it.  If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.  But above all, try something"


  1. Well done! Those socks look great!

  2. they look perfect to me. i made one pair of socks that wound up too big. i did it through a craftsy class. there's not much need for socks here with the kind of weather we have and i'm not really a socks person....but i love seeing all the different designs and patterns.

  3. Sock-knitting! Yes! Welcome to the Dark Side of Stash Enhancement! :)

  4. I haven't knitted socks in an age. I like toe up best, so amazing how that little purse like start ends up being a toe! Good for you, ambitious plans afoot..

  5. Congratulations on knitting socks and they look amazing. You should feel very proud of your accomplishments. Creative Knitting Bliss...

  6. Socks! Fabulous! I agree with that quote, 'Try something' that's how to really live.
    Thanks for sharing, it's always uplifting here.

  7. amazing, I have one ( ONE )that looks just like that

  8. Nice quote and appropriate. Good looking socks. I have yet to attempt socks but perhaps one day.

  9. Hello Mary Anne! Your socks look great to me! I have great admiration... I don't think I would try knitting socks... I am more a crochet girl! :) x

  10. Bravo!!!! They are nice looking socks:)

  11. Clever you! Always love your little quotes Mary Anne.

  12. Mary Anne .. I love the socks!!! I've always wanted to try it but .. I have no patience for making them. I think it would probably take me twice as long. I sure do love the design of these though!!!They're great!!!

  13. Good for you for trying your hand at this. I have always maintained I'd never knit socks and so far so good - I don't mind knitting the odd thing here and there but it's usually done because I want the thing, not the doing of it, as is the case with so many of my other creative endeavours.
    these look amazing!

  14. Hi Mary Anne
    Yes I know about this wonderful wool and I have been gifted a pair of these from a dear friend who loves knitting and I adore wearing them too. I got her to add a little length to them which is even better.
    Thanks for your kind visits and comments too - always appreciated!

  15. Fantastic job with the socks Mary Anne. For someone who was reluctant to knit any,you have taken on a challenge of patterning as well... turning the heel while keeping said pattern could not have been easy.
    DH will love them.

  16. I had a lot of catching up to do with you Mary Anne!
    (whenever I see you've updated your blog on Bloglovin' it won't let me comment from there and then when I head in your direction things seem to know how it goes LOL).
    So finally visiting you from my blogroll and may you've been busy.
    Those socks are WOW!
    You are a woman of many talents for sure.
    Happy June to you and yours.

  17. Fabulous! They look incredibly comfortable. (I would love to knit, but have no idea when I would find the time - nor the space for the supplies!)

  18. it'll be toasty feet chez you this winter!!


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