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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hussif? Done!

The Front fold

My Asian-themed hussif is now finished!

My pattern is a three-fold design, so I have shown you pictures of each of the three sections. 

The back fold

The Inside fold


This one was great fun to create and now I just hope my daughter-in-love likes it!  Next 'up' on my list is another one for my other daughter-in-love. 

Today your quote is from Chritiane Collange.... "We have a tendency to obscure the forest of simple joys with the trees of problems"


  1. Your hussif is beautiful Mary Anne and I just know your daughter in love will love it! :) x

  2. She'll love it!Very pretty and elegant.

  3. gorgeous. can't believe how quickly you put these out. i know she will love and treasure it.

  4. I'm sure she will absolutely love it! It's beautiful! The amount of details and lovely stitching are amazing.

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back. Aloha hugs!!

  5. It's beautiful! I know she will love it.

  6. Excellent quote you have selected. This Asian themed hussif is wonderful. You have created it with lots of love.

  7. Your DIL is one lucky girl - she will be over-the-moon with her specially designed hussif - it's beautiful MA!
    The fabrics, embellishments and colours are perfect.
    How kind you are.
    Much love
    Shane x

  8. It's beautiful and so lovingly made.
    Now I know what a hussif is! My father had one that had been in his RAF kit during World War II, but he called it a housewife! I should have made the connection. Needless to say yours is a lot more decorative than his!

  9. It looks like it has a nice hand feel, beautiful, great storage too.

  10. Your hussif is beautiful, Mary Anne, and you made it so quickly! I am very jealous of your daughter-in-love! Well done. Barbara xxx

  11. Great work on a wonderful project and it's going to be very useful. I am sure your DIL will love it.

  12. Beautifully created Mary Anne. The inside is elegant also.
    Pooh Bear looks quite proud to be there and Nemo has the cat bluffed.
    Lucky DIL.

  13. Your daughter-in-loves are so very lucky to have you, Maryanne! This is just sooo beautiful.
    I just love, love, love it! xo

  14. Beautiful! I love Winnie the Pooh featured on it!

  15. Beautiful piece you created Mary Anne...all of those special pockets and places are so handy too!

  16. What a wonderful, wonderful treasure! She will love it, especially knowing all of the time and love that went into every stitch. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  17. Oh wow it's gorgeous!! Great project! And so many beautiful details. A treasure piece.

  18. what's not to like? I am certain it will be loved....


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