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Monday, May 06, 2013

Black...and AAAAChoooo....and sites

Spring has arrived!!

Spring has arrived!!

Spring has....aaaaachoooooo.....

oh, yeah....allergies.
How could I forget?

Oh well, with the aid of allergy medications, eye drops, and saline solutions I'm surviving the onslought of those miserable allergens.  
- - - - - - 
Before we get to the pictures for today, I thought some of you might be interested in having a look at some eye candy elsewhere:

- can you imagine knitting plants?  Neither could I, until I stumbled across THIS.    Be sure to look at all the pictures!

- further on plants have a look HERE to see some absolutely incredible ones made from thread.  Yes, they're made of thread!!  (Thanks, Deepa for this one) 

- and Sandy of Quill Cottage has a  free crazy quilt cuff class going on at THIS blog if you're interested.   Looks like fun!

and now for what I've been doing...



  1. Hopefully the allergy wouldn't survive for take care,

  2. those fancy stitches really dress up your black crazy quilt MA!

    happily we are having a little rain to help tame the pollen here in Virginia ... there is a price to pay for all of those gorgeous blooms it seems ;)

    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy
    off to check out your links

  3. Oh no, allergies wear me down. I don't have them down here, but in the hill country where the cedar is I do. Bad! Going to check out the links. Thanks.

  4. you've been having some stitching fun, I see. Hope the allergies aren't too bad.....I can't take meds for mine.......


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