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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dilemmas of the feeding sort - and quilt show part 2

Many of us are concerned and wondering what to do about the imminent loss of our Google RSS are we going to keep up with our favourite blogs (including...ahem....this one!).  There have been a couple of really interesting articles posted lately on a couple of the blogs I read, and so I thought I'd point you in there direction so it can help you make a decision.  Many blogs, including this one, have a feature somewhere (mine is waaaayyyy down at the very bottom!) where you can subscribe to get posts through your email.  It's one more option you have.

Go HERE (Mary Corbett)
and HERE (Vicki Welsh)

And now...
on with the show!!
(remember, you can click to embiggen)

This one was just so sweet - and lots of incredible detail...

There usually aren't too many quilts that I would consider that men 
would like, but this fits the bill...

Another one of my favourites (also happens to be done by a good friend).
Unfortunately I couldn't get far enough back to get a really good picture.

There were a couple of quilts using these bird images..

This one caught my eye for the relative simplicity of the design,
completely in tune with the Oriental style.

There will be another episode tomorrow!


  1. So wait -- where was the show? who were the artists? etc. etc. nosy readers need to know!

  2. thanks for the quilty eye candy!


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