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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another completed section - and food

Here's the latest section I have finished stitching for the black project....

and a couple of close-ups...

For the food portion of this post, thought Id show you the box of produce we picked up today....all of this goodness for only $15.  We were a bit disappointed that there wasn't any asparagus or rhubarb included, but you can be sure that we will happily consume what we got!


  1. I do love this black work with the jewel bright colours....

  2. I really like the black background with the bright colors. Very eye catching.

    Your veggies were quite good for that price. Harv is picky about vegs. so I have never gone in on these buys but everything you showed we would eat. Great haul.


  3. OOhh...think I like the black as much as your white work.


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