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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A meeting of the minds

Every month our little crafting group gets together and exchanges atcs and generally the hostess comes up with a small how-to that we can play with.  This month is was my turn to host and I'm sure the ladies arrived with trepidation knowing full well that some of the 'how-tos' I've managed to come up with have been more like 'how NOT to'.  Being a last-minute sort of person I left it til last night to come up with what we would do.  

We made decoupaged buttons and these are mine...

These will be great sewn onto a crazy quilt piece.  

Above are the atcs we exchanged.  Last month the theme was 'masks' and the top one on the left was what I did and Sue made the one on the right.  This month it was 'artist choice' and Halloween is on everyone's mind I guess.  I made the one on the left and Sue did the other two.  My efforts this time were quite paltry, but I was under a time restraint and thought I did well to get anything done at all.

A fun day, with a couple of fun-to-be-with friends - what more could I want?


  1. Wow MA I love the buttons you did.

  2. Wow, your group gets a lot done! My group meeting is at my house today. We don't often get much done because show and tell and sharing seems to take most of the day!

  3. Looks like fun projects. It's always nice to see what others have been up to.

  4. How fun to have a small craft group to particpate in. Love the buttons. Even if it was last minute you pulled it off.

  5. I love the buttons! They turned out great! It sounds like a wonderful time. Hope you have a happy weekend :)

  6. I love the little buttons! May have to make me some.

  7. Brilliant altered buttons you created MA ... Love those!
    Looks like you all had fun with the ATC swap, it is always nice to see others creations
    Wishing you and your a lovely weekend

  8. Thanks for stopping by, I am so happy to be back writing my blog. I love your ATC's and your gathering of friends sounds like so much fun. It really is special to share our creativity.


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