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Friday, October 15, 2010

Found object - use unknown

I've had this in my stash for quite some time
and have no recollection of where
I got it.
Might have been from my grandmother.
The question is....
what is it for?

Above is the outside.  It measures approximately 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.  I think you would call the stitching on the front 'ruching' and it's further decorated with ribbon and a little bouquet of velvet flowers.  The back is plain.

Then, it opens up....

There is no form of closure on it - seems to just be a pouch of some sort.  Would it have been used to hold handkerchiefs perhaps?  Any ideas? EDITED TO ADD:  It's closed on two sides and open on the other two.


  1. oh yes, i think that is a handkerchief pocket. I seem to remember my Great Grandmother had one. A gentler era. k.

  2. Nightdress case? I think the theory is that you are too tired to be fumbling with fastenings by the time you get to bed!

  3. The size isn't conducive to be for nightgowns I am thinking. If you hadn't given the dimensions I would have thrown out "hot water bottle holder" but alas, too small.

  4. I seem to have an elusive memory of something like this. I can even feel the texture. However I don't know its purpose.

  5. Anonymous10:05 PM

    stockings! my grandmother had one sort of like that and it was for stockings.

  6. I have never seen anything like this before. It is pretty and it would be nice if you could find out exactly what it is. Something that did not get a lot of wear, that's for sure.

  7. I still think it is for handkerchiefs and would have been part of a trouseau set.
    What ever it is it sure is beautiful.

  8. Like Kaite, I'm pretty sure it is a handkerchief case. I had to make something similar at school as an exam for various stitches, and I'm sure they said it was for handkerchiefs.

  9. nightdress case??

  10. MMMM, I am not sure. I have not seen anything like this but its so sweet and delicate....Perhaps you should frame it.....I think that would be pretty. Hope you have a great weekend,

  11. hmmmm...sorry not sure myself but it is lovely..hugs for a happy weekend. xoxo

  12. SuSaw has it. Yup, silk stockings carefully folded in to the soft cover so as not to snag. Victorian, or earlier I think.

  13. MaryAnne, I'm pretty sure it's a lingerie case. I've read that when the ladie's maid laid out the clothes for dinner (they used to change for dinner in Edwardian Times ) that the stockings and underwear were put in a case so that the gentlemen couldn't see them ! So funny really, the gents often had mistresses who cavorted about in the briefest of underwear etc.
    I think it's too big for hankies, but stockings,silk slips and French knickers would fit if folded up carefully. That's my theory anyway! Nice piece to have in your collection.
    Christine in sunny Sydney Australia

  14. I bought one very similar at and Estate Sale a few years ago and it was filled with pretty hankies. Thanks for reminding me of it - I'll have to go see if I can find it to show.

  15. My mother-in-law gave me one years ago, about 1985. It wasn't as pretty as this, but more practical and she'd bought it somewhere in England if I remember correctly. She told me it was for storing stockings and other "easily torn or snagged pieces". I still have it and it's great for stockings! Jan Fursdon


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