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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you SO much!!

Thank you so very much for giving me your input and critiques and solid suggestions about the piece I posted in the last entry! I am so grateful for all your support. There are very few mixed media artists in this area, so it's hard to get an honest critique. I knew you'd all have something to say and I was happy to hear it! Now it's on to the next piece that I have in mind (amazing what you can come up with whilst in the shower). You'll be asked for opinions on that one too. (Someone asked the size of the last piece...approx. 10x13").

The picture today is of a little music box I picked up at the thrift store. I picked it up thinking it was a cute little sewing machine and was delighted when I discovered it had a music box inside AND it worked!! It's about 6 inches high and cost me all of $3.49!


  1. Your little music box is just charming. Isn't it funny that a little thing like that will grab you and other people will think you are nuts.

    By the way I am no artist but I thought your piece was just perfect. It had a southwest theme look to it and I thought the leav es were fine. Stamped on like someone suggested they might have just disappeared into the fabric.



  2. That is the cutest thing. I love thrift stores, shop them all the time!


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