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Friday, June 26, 2009


Look what came in the mail from Gail! My own little spirit fortune doll and isn't she adorable? (I obviously need to do something to achieve better lighting for closeup pics don't I?!). I absolutely love her...thank you SO much Gail!! 
We had a fabulous day at our friends' cottage yesterday. The weather was perfect (for once it didn't rain when we were up there). Their place fronts onto a small lake, but otherwise is pretty much surrounded by woods. We were very blessed to have a wild deer grazing on their property and walked right up to us - close enough we could have touched her. And guess what? I'm an idiot and forgot my camera! Yeah, I know...dumb. It was a huge thrill. I really don't know how people can hunt them for so-called 'sport'.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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