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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Quilt Show - part five!!

I promise, only one more day after this!!
I thought I'd do two posts today so I could get through this week. I don't want to bore you totally to tears!! This set of pictures show some of the ones I particularly liked the colours of.


  1. :-( you promise only one more day... I've been enjoying the show from my livingroom! thanks for sharing all the eye candy -- much better for the hips than the edible stuff.

  2. Enjoyed the show. Thanks.

  3. Like the top and bottom photos. Is it a variation dresden plate pattern on the top photo? I don't know the bottom pattern but I love the colors.

  4. Yvonne, I don't know the names of either of them I'm afraid. Sorry. Maybe someone else will be able to tell us?


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