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Friday, June 05, 2009

Quilt Show - final installment!

Above is one of the jackets that caught my eye. Of course they weren't made from denim so they weren't my style, but pretty anyway.
These two pictures struck me as being the closest to being art quilts and were quite eye catching.
Finally, this doll. Although I'm no longer a member of the quilt guild, this doll is one I made for one of my friends who is a member and she put it on display in one of the antiques they had for atmosphere. The pattern is from an old one my mother made for me when I was little. I found the pattern in her stash when she passed away.
There...all done. Now it will go back to your regularly scheduled drivel. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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  1. That doll looks really similar to a doll my aunt made for me when I was little. It was in the 60's.


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