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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Randomness on a dull day

Sorry folks, no pictures today. Too dull outside to take any and what's happening in my studio is just as dull!! I actually have one whole year of the old diary typed up (it took 20 pages of typing, averaging about an hour & a half each). 29 more years to go.

Random Item # 1 - If you like crochet, or want to be blown away by what they're doing with freeform crochet, please check out this. Having a look at all the pieces will keep you busy for awhile! Thanks to Sharon B for the link.

Random Item #2 - One of the members of my art doll group has recently set up a space to sell some of her creations. Several of them are on my 'covet' list! Check out Karma's site.

Random Item #3 - Here's a couple of doll sites I've stumbled upon: BlackEyedSuzie and LoopyBoopy.

Random Item #4 - Spent the afternoon with a good friend. No work got done, but we had fun talking about anything and everything. Found out that her husband is a descendant of the family where Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto is situated. The family donated a ton of historical artifacts to the Village. We have a road trip planned!

Random Item #5 - If anybody is interested in seeing more of the quilts from our local quilt show, there is a video on their blog.

There, I guess that's enough randomness for one day!

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  1. enjoyed the link to Karma's site - somehow her dolls are soul satisfying.


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