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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quilt Show - part three

Here are some more of the lovely quilts. There were a number of nice bargello ones. It seems that bargello is making a comeback, at least in quilting. Perhaps it will return in needlework too?
There were also a number of black and white entries. This one caught my eye.
A sampler quilt, in my favourite colour!
This one was intriguing. It's some sort of stack and whack, but a very different application.

Part four is on the way tomorrow (hope you're not getting bored!!).


現在建築式™ said...

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Nice to meet you
Hsinchu, Taiwan

yvonne said...

Never get bored looking at quilts. I like the sampler one too. I'm not fond of bargello.

karen said...

Hi there! I love that you are no longer ''lurking'', thanks so much for the lovely words! Karen