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Thursday, March 05, 2009

More metal/denim experiments

I got a bit more done on my cover today. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the green and red beads hang freely to add further dimension. I'll be adding more of as I go along, mainly because I've pawed through all my wooden beads and pulled out all the colours I have in these. After all that work, I want to use them!! I'm on a use-it-up kick at the moment and have made up my mind to actually USE what I pull out. As always, picture is clickable so you can see more detail.
Here's something I stumbled on today: This site is really interesting and there is tons of info on there about all types of Victorian crafts, including crochet & knit. There's a very good stitch dictionery too. Fun site!


  1. You're "what iffing"! You're CQ'g with denim and metal! Love the paisley!


  2. So good to see you back. I was beginning to worry about you. It is terrible to be so sick you can't even do anything.

    I will follow the denim and metal with interest. You are way ahead of me girl.



  3. amazing what a CQ'er can do with denim and metal...


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