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Saturday, March 07, 2009


I know I don't normally post on the weekends, but I have to show you the finished can cover. It's not perfect by any means, but it was a fun experiment playing with metal and getting some idea of what I can do with it.

I have to tell you about the orange ribbon 'closure' ...I set rivets down each side intending to lace it for a finished edge, but couldn't find anything for lacing that turned my crank...until...I pawed through my ribbons and found these orange bits (which originally came from a pony-tail holder). I had EXACTLY the right number to do what I wanted; how perfect is that?

This recycled coffee can will be a holder for my odd-size knitting needles that don't seem to fit in anything else.


  1. good experimental piece and useful too:}

  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    wow. this turned out really well. Moo has a very similar ponytail holder but in purple. i may steal it one day! the woven demin base is a great idea. and i like the fact it is useful too.

  3. Thanks for the BD Wishes, MA!

    Amazing what some CQ and a Can, can do, eh? Looks great, MA! I'd make one for my own desk, but my Cats would have a field-day chewing off all the different pieces of it! LOL

    BTW - People NEVER believe that someone my size could, or would drive a Rig that size! THAT's why I have to show them the pictures; just to prove I really drove it in a past life. <3


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