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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Arnie!

Would you believe this is a Christmas present done already? Meet Arnie, the cat doorstop. Isn't he cute? He is for an elderly lady I visit with who had a black & white cat when I first met her. Unfortunately the cat has passed away and her husband won't allow her to get another one. I thought this might make her feel better.
The pattern came from here:


  1. That is beautiful MA.

  2. LOL - You are sooooo good... Christmas gifts already? I talk about doing that every year. Do I? Uh, nope! Anyway, Arnie turned out way cute! Although I know it can't take the place of a really kitty, I hope your friend enjoys him. I know I get very attached to things I make that have faces :) Thanks for sharing at Wee Folk Art!

  3. what a great gift! now to hide it so you aren't tempted to give it early, but not so well that you can't find it in December.... :-)

  4. Very cute and very thoughtful of you. As the gal above said, don't hide it too well. I can'tfind things I put away last week.



  5. Oh MA ... this is too precious!
    I'm sure she'll love it too!
    It has such personality! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I immediately went and downloaded the pattern--he's SO cute. maybe he can be a companion for Selena:}

  7. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Just love Arnie..reminds me of my Fuzzy.
    Mrs Noofy

  8. That's a cat with personality! Wonderful!

  9. Beautiful! thanks for the link.


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