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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A couple of sites

After all the posts yesterday that were so heavy pictured, today I have nothing I'm able to show you (sorry).

Instead, I will point you to a couple of sites I've been poking around in. The first one is Canadian and if you are looking for art supplies (they carry the push molds I've been hankering for): Thanks Arlee for pointing me in their direction!

A few days ago SharonB of talked about the Antique Pattern Library and I've just spent a very interesting hour poking around and discovering all sorts of interesting 'stuff'. There are all kinds of PDF files available covering pretty much any type of needlework you are interested in. All are in the public domain so therefore are quite old. Wonderful to explore! Check it out at

1 comment:

  1. Clay molds! No, no, I mustn't....
    It looks like you had so much fun with your art dolls....

    ..and thanks so much for your kind words about my Cottage CQ. It is good to be finished with it at last...;-)



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