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Monday, March 23, 2009

Denim stash reduction + apprehension

I had fun putting these two little purses together this afternoon! Again, they were very simple to make with the hardest part being the frogging of the zippers prior to reinserting them. I don't think you can tell with the picture, but the purse uses two matching pockets so you end up with three compartments with the centre one being zippered. The pattern was found here:

The second part of this post is something I'm excited and scared about, both at the same time. Yesterday I received an invitation to join an art doll round robin challenge. I am extremely flattered that my work is deemed good enough to be included, but on the other hand - I'm afraid I can't measure up to the rest of the group. There goes my good ol' poor opinion of my abilities again, which is something I am working hard to get over (at the insistence of a few of my good friends..and you know who you are!!). I have a few ideas tooling about in my head so we'll see where it goes and what I manage to come up with. Wish me luck!


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    You'll be FINE!!!! but i know what you mean about apprehension. the jeans pocket bags are cute. i ight make one, sans zip.

  2. these are ART dolls -- no worries you know what ART stands for right?

    Approved Rare Treasures :-)

  3. And having seen your work IN THE FLESH, i know you are MORE than capable, and
    MORE than talented enough!

  4. You'll be ok anyone as talented as you are won't have any problems--


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