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Friday, February 20, 2009

Creating...sort of

I have been looking forward to playing with the rolls of metal I showed you a few days ago, so this is the beginning (I think) of what I have in mind. This isn't metal - it's denim, but it will be the substrate.

This first picture shows the first layer of denim I cut and laid out on my worktable. This is the final piece after I wove more denim strips into it and stitched it with metallic thread to hold it down. Now I will start adding metal and other doo-dads to it. Ultimately I plan to use it to cover a coffee tin which will hold some of my knitting needles.
One of these days I will find time to figure out how to crop pictures in this program!


Marie Alton said...

Hi MA ... this looks real interesting! Looking forward to seeing more!

arlee said...

YAY :}

dogonart said...

Good for you! Looks like you're getting down to serious business. Now all you have to do is write down the who what why and when of how your arrived at this particular design. Heh Heh!

arlee said...

very funny irene :} lol

SuSaw said...

"winter blues"

almost looks too wonderful to cover something